I don't have to tell you that times are hard economically every where, even with the good folks at Fruitland Community Church.  Some are without jobs, most are watching every dollar.  So how are folks responding to the needs around them and how is God blessing?  And when God's people step out in faith to do God's work, does He provide? 

1.  Last year we gave about 140 boxes to Operation Christmas Child, and even though the economy was tough, we set a goal for 200 boxes this year.  It is amazing.  As of today, there were 195 boxes turned in through our church!!  To God be the glory!  That is a signficant increase! 

2.  In 2008 the scouts collected 3,151 cans for their annual can drive, and this year, despite the economy--or maybe because of the economy--they collected 3205 cans in the Fruitland area.   Wow!!  We were able, with the Cowboy Church, to add meat, apples, bread, instant potatoes, candy and a Gospel of John to 120 families.  It was amazing to see everyone working together, and yes...there are a bunch of cans left over to share with people throughout the year...God is good! 

3.  A week ago, someone asked me if we could use 200 Beanie Babies...new, with the  tags still on them.  Without thinking much, I said 'Sure!'  Literally, as the 195 Operation Christmas Child boxes were being carried out of the church this morning, 200 Beanie Babies were being carried in.  Are you kidding me?   We've been asked to help some families in the area with Christmas and Shining Light in Charleston has asked for a Christmas party.  I wasn't sure if we should ask the church to do any more.  Did I mention I was aware that the economy is tight?  And  in walks those Beanie Babies as seeds for helping families in our community and in Charleston.

This weekend was just a reminder, that when God's people do God's work He provides.  When God's people cease to do God's work, God sends His resources (even His Beanie Babies) else where.

Let's keeping working for the Kingdom!