We had a great Easter weekend!!  To God be the glory!!  The Lord allowed us to proclaim the Good News of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and to talk about "The Hinge" of His Story...This Sunday we are going to begin a new series on "Moses in His Story."  Here is the worship schedule so you can read ahead...the actual titles may change.  I'm excited about our time together in Moses!

April 19 - "The Lord of History" Exodus 1 and 2

April 26 - "I AM" Exodus 3 and 4

May 3 - "Plagues/Passover" Exodus 5-12 (we will share in the Lord Supper together)

May 10 - "Exodus" Exodus 13-15

May 17 - "The Wilderness" Exodus 16-18

May 23 - "Mt Sinai" Exodus 19-20

May the Lord bless you as you read and prepare for worship each week!!