Wow...more fun reports to read!! Here are some creative ways that God's love has been shared with God's people...

"I know of a single mother who is really struggling financially. On Sunday, she told me that she has $11.00 to last until she got paid on Thursday and she was out of gas. I gave her a $25.00 gas card so she could get to world and get her son to and from school." (cummulative total: 41 servers/234 served).

"With the $25, we purchased 5 NT Japanese Bibles and take them to Japan when we go on Nov. 25. We will travel in Japan for a week, then we will be in Singapore for a week. During that time we will prayerfully distribute 6 English Bibles. Please be in prayer fo rthe people God wants to receive these Bibles." (44 cummulative servers/245 served)

"Bought Casting Crowns CDs for ladies at Vision House and Mending Hearts. I gave them to the girls at CR and asked them to share with other women. They were very thankful." (commulative total: 45 servers/247 served).

"We delivered Pizza Pro and Movie Gallery gift cards with a box of warm cookies to two neighborhood families, along with connection cards and personal notes. They were surprised and pleased. One family invited us in to visit and asked us to come back again." (cummulative total 47 servers/253 served)."

"The college students at our Bible study had been humorously complaining of their meal plans on campus--how they usually don't have quite as many meals or the quality of meals they'd like. So we treated the five of them to $5 each to have a nice sandwich or taco on afternoon. All the students were extremely greateful and expressed a profusion of thanks and admiration for the church's program." (cummulative total: 49 servers/258 served)

"We took toys, blanket, books, etc. to a 2 year old little girl that had been left by her mother with her grandmother. When she got her, she had nothing and hadn't been cared for very well. The little girl was so excited and the grandmother was very appreciative. Thank you for this opportunity to help someone." (cummulative total: 53 servers/262 served)

May these seeds of kindness take root in somebody's heart!